The Town of Light – Update

For our avid PC gamers, and lovers of mind bending, and creepy story lines – you already know about this indie title on its way to PC…but wait, there is more…

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Open Your Hearts, And Your Wallets! – Kickstarter Opp 2

It’s one thing when there is a developer who has been around the block but haven’t hit their blockbuster.  What is even better is when you have Joe Schmo at home crafting amazing titles, like these below.

Take some time and consider investing!
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Review – Lifeless Planet


Just one year ago, a small game was released for the PC known as Lifeless Planet. While it was successful, it was not the mega hit that developer Stage 2 Studios had envisioned. Months had passed and they had decided to adapt it to one of my favorite consoles, the Xbox One. I have finally had the chance to play this short but delightful title and now I will share my experience with you!

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