Rocket League for Xbox One – Release Date!

Racing?…..No….Soccer?….Not quite… It’s Rocket League and it is finally making its way onto the Xbox One!

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10 Years of the Xbox 360

The console war wasn’t the forefront of this machine, it was all focused on the power of the player and the experience shared with friends and family. Let’s admire the legacy of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

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Out Today – Halo, WWE, Minecraft, & Divinity


Today’s a big launch day in the gaming industry, led by none other than the Master Chief himself.

Halo 5 is out today, where we’ll finally find out the story between the Master Chief going rogue and Spartan Locke hunting him down.  It’s exclusive to the Xbox One.

WWE 2K16 is also available, giving us the latest match maker to see who really wins between Steve Austin and John Cena.  It’s available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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How 343i Is Building An Epic Campaign For Halo 5


My most anticipated game of the year, Halo 5: Guardians, is set to release on October 27. So far, we’ve seen the team behind Halo 5 share a lot of news about the two multiplayer modes – Arena and Warzone. The team is now sharing some more information about the campaign, which is shaping up to be a sweeping adventure that takes players on an epic journey across the galaxy.

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Special Edition Has Never Looked Better!

Sony was very excited to come out with a few customized editions of your flashy next-gen PlayStation 4, but this one may top the cake! If you haven’t seen yet, Metal Gear Solid is getting an outstanding Limited Edition console in black, gold and red. Wait… it’s not being sold in the US? Psh, no problem…we’ve got a site that you can pre-order and they’ll import it!

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