Rocket League for Xbox One – Release Date!

Racing?…..No….Soccer?….Not quite… It’s Rocket League and it is finally making its way onto the Xbox One!

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10 Years of the Xbox 360

The console war wasn’t the forefront of this machine, it was all focused on the power of the player and the experience shared with friends and family. Let’s admire the legacy of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

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The Morning Quesadilla with Jacedilla – 15May2015



As with every new day comes fresh news from all of over the gaming-sphere. In this Monday through Friday post we will try to hit all of the big news that you want to see!

15May2015 – Suspensions, Windows 10 and a few game highlights round up today’s breakfast! Can you believe Microsoft came out on top in April?

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Xbox Live Deals & The May Update


A New Week, A New Set of Deals

It’s another week of deals in the Xbox-osphere and they are providing some pretty solid discounts. If you managed to snatch up the Game with Gold title – Gears of War: Judgment, then now is the time to round out that title, with DLC seeing huge markdowns on the Xbox 360. Both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are receiving price cuts for Destiny and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell too! Continue reading