10 Years of the Xbox 360

The console war wasn’t the forefront of this machine, it was all focused on the power of the player and the experience shared with friends and family. Let’s admire the legacy of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

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Special Edition Has Never Looked Better!

Sony was very excited to come out with a few customized editions of your flashy next-gen PlayStation 4, but this one may top the cake! If you haven’t seen yet, Metal Gear Solid is getting an outstanding Limited Edition console in black, gold and red. Wait… it’s not being sold in the US? Psh, no problem…we’ve got a site that you can pre-order and they’ll import it!

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E3 Preview – Forza Horizon 2


One of the first games we had a chance to try at E3 was Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 2.  Fans of the Forza series, and specifically the first Forza Horizon, will feel right at home with the upcoming racer.  The final game is boasting 200+ cars, the Forza 5 graphics engine, the Drivatar system featured exclusively on Xbox One, and a European setting with a wider variety of locales than FH2’s predecessor.

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