Out Today – Halo, WWE, Minecraft, & Divinity


Today’s a big launch day in the gaming industry, led by none other than the Master Chief himself.

Halo 5 is out today, where we’ll finally find out the story between the Master Chief going rogue and Spartan Locke hunting him down.  It’s exclusive to the Xbox One.

WWE 2K16 is also available, giving us the latest match maker to see who really wins between Steve Austin and John Cena.  It’s available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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Divinity: Original Sin ENHANCED EDITION for Consoles!


Throwin’ it Back

It isn’t Thursday but this title is definitely worth the throwback. When you think of games that represent the RPG nation we recognize today, you can definitely throw in Divinity and feel confident in knowing you have played a classic! If you loved Eco Draconis and you never had a chance to play Original Sin  on PC, then you are in luck as we finally have that opportunity. Larian Studios has announced Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. Continue reading

The Morning Quesadilla with Jacedilla – 15May2015



As with every new day comes fresh news from all of over the gaming-sphere. In this Monday through Friday post we will try to hit all of the big news that you want to see!

15May2015 – Suspensions, Windows 10 and a few game highlights round up today’s breakfast! Can you believe Microsoft came out on top in April?

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