Resident Evil 4 Now Available On Wii U


Arguably the best version of arguably the best Resident Evil is now available on Wii U, courtesy of Nintendo’s eShop.

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Meet Laura, Street Fighter V’s Brand New Character


Street Fighter V isn’t due out until Spring 2016, but that doesn’t stop the news and leaks regarding the final roster from getting loose.  While a majority of the characters will be returning veterans – Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Cammy, etc. – we’re also getting some new blood to this entry.

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The Resident Evil Films Come To A Close


Love them or hate them, the Resident Evil films have been successful enough to warrant five movies so far.  With that being said, they’re amping up production for the sixth and final movie before this series is put to rest, once and for all.  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which begins filming this September in South Africa, will pick up after the events of Resident Evil: Retribution and put Project Alice up against the Red Queen in a race to save what’s left of humanity.

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