LEGO Star Wars for 2016 Announced!

As if the hype around the new movie wasn’t enough, TT Games would be foolish if they didn’t continue the tradition!

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Open Your Hearts, And Your Wallets! – Kickstarter Opp 2

It’s one thing when there is a developer who has been around the block but haven’t hit their blockbuster.  What is even better is when you have Joe Schmo at home crafting amazing titles, like these below.

Take some time and consider investing!
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Bethesda Drops a Fat Man on All of Us


Well, it’s finally happening. Take a moment, sit down, and gather your friends and family because we are headed for the vaults.

It has been seven years in the making, but Bethesda is about to drop a big fat nuke on all of us, and my body is ready. Today the Fallout home page on Bethesda’s website changed to a countdown clock in the style of the loading screen of Fallout 3.

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