Nintendo Takes a Huge Hit to Profits: Can They Survive?

Over the years, Nintendo has pumped out more titles and more systems than ever seen by any video game company. Yet, somehow, their sales continuously plummet, year after year.

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“Trailer” Park – Ep. 6

A doozy of a holiday has us clawing to figure out what happened – why don’t we just continue looking upward and onward with some of these amazing titles, to be released soon!

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Metal Gear Solid – Timeline

Every so often we get a special person who will give us the map before we enter the abyss of gaming. In the case of Metal Gear Solid, good luck figuring out who is who and what is where, when up is down… See what I mean? Well someone has come along and provided us with an absolutely brilliant timeline of the games, smoothing out the jumpy and mystical storyline!

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