Sony Closes A Door to the Store

In a move that may have been long foreshadowed, Sony is closing its doors on one of it’s annual under-performers, in it’s defense, it has been around for a while…

Sony has finally decided to drop the support for it’s first portable device after a fairly successful run of the market. PlayStation Portable will no longer have access to the online store as of March 31st, 2016. Now this may come as a surprise, but they need to push the investment towards the Vita and look to expand on other properties to remain successful.

The message from Sony:

On March 31, 2016, the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Portable (PSP) system in the SCEA region will be closed. PSP system users will be able to purchase PSP content from the web-based PlayStation Store at, and also access past purchases from the Download list on their PSP system. Users will continue to have the ability to make in-game purchases from their PSP system.

Select PSP games are also available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Vita system users.


This could all just be the perfect plan to get you nostalgiafied people onto the Vita wagon, and while it will never feel quite the same, it may just be time to upgrade.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of another surprising closure – as Sony announced the stop order of PlayStation TV in both Europe and the US. Sales numbers were abysmal and the company figured the best approach was to get out before they lost too much money. Now if they could have delivered on the promised functions of Vita streaming and the plethora of provided apps, it would have been a hit…..but nay…and so shipping has ceased!

PlayStation TV

Sony must have something new up their sleeve – any ideas as to what it may be?? Let me know below!



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