Mythical Pokémon Mew Coming 2/1

As part of the 20th anniversary celebration of Pokémon, Nintendo has outlined their plans to release a new Mythical Pokémon each month for all of 2016.  The first up is #151 – Mew.

In order to score your own Mew, usable in Pokémon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, or Omega Ruby, simply swing by your local GameStop store to pick up a download card.  Mew will be available for download from February 1 – 24, and comes already maxed out at Level 100.


The rest of the Pokémon being released this year are as follows, courtesy of Nintendo’s 20th Anniversary Pokémon website.

February, 2016 – Mew

March, 2016 – Celebi

April, 2016 – Jirachi

May, 2016 – Darkrai

June, 2016 – Manaphy

July, 2016 – Shaymin

August, 2016 – Arceus

September, 2016 – Victini

October, 2016 – Keldeo

November, 2016 – Genesect

December, 2016 – Meloetta

The Mythical Pokémon are being distributed through a variety of ways, but most commonly as either digital distribution through the Nintendo Network or via download cards from GameStop.


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