10 Years of the Xbox 360

The console war wasn’t the forefront of this machine, it was all focused on the power of the player and the experience shared with friends and family. Let’s admire the legacy of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.


As we delve back into time and see the path that gaming took, it could not have evolved so eloquently without this 2nd-gen system. The Xbox 360 was intent on setting out and blazing the trails that the original Xbox had begun to create. The biggest trail? Xbox Live.

Xbox Live

I think it is fair to say that this was the centerpiece of the gaming community, because it created a true community of gamers. Finally we had a place where we could all connect, chat and play games together! The investments made by Microsoft to enhance this segment of their console were leaps and bounds above competitors. This gave birth to the marketplace and viable digital gaming. This took type chat and integrated voice. We were even lucky enough to see dynamic and competitive matchmaking occur in smash hits like Halo and Call of Duty. What were those games that really defined this chapter?

Games, Games, Games

They were more than blockbuster hits, they were generation defining. Landmark franchises were created and continued on this console. The continued installments into Halo sent cheers across the globe. The birth of Gears of War completely changed how we thought a shooter should be. Incredible evolving stories were wrought from the irons of Fable, that showed us how deep and magical a story can be! We saw exclusive titles that changed the landscape of gaming entirely with Left 4 Dead, Crackdown, and Forza. Every title seemed to glimmer with perfection as we played.


The impact this console had on the gamers life was incredible, but you may not realize how powerful this console was for indie developers. Xbox Arcade debuted and set the stage for small studios to begin the trek toward their first blockbuster. The addition of more accessible developers kits also meant that just about anyone could create a game for Xbox! Zombie Miner to The Impossible Game, there were a plethora of emerging developers ready to stake their claim.

Hail and Farewell

December 2016 will mark the end of an era as Microsoft will discontinue support for its beloved console but you can certainly continue to enjoy its content and even more so with the backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox One. We will never forget the LAN parties and long nights battling the Covenant on the couch with friends. Wielding a lightsaber to running an obstacle course with the power of Kinect. The Xbox 360 is going to be a point of nostalgia for a millenia.

Cheers to 10 years!



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