Games With Gold x2


I will never give up my Xbox 360, but wouldn’t it be great if all those free games I got on it could also work with my shiny Xbox One?

You Read My Mind

Microsoft, you sly dog you, and here I thought you weren’t listening.

They have heard our cries and will be porting over every free Games with Gold title from now until product end date of 1/1/2017. That means 12 months of glory, and maybe we will get some amazing blockbusters that we saw on the 360.

November 12th marks the day that the change will take place, and on that day you will be happy to download DiRT 3 and tear up the gravel in this cross-country racer. Only a few days after and you get to see Dungeon Siege III.

Thank you, gaming gods; you have certainly breathed life back into the Xbox.  For the first year, we were worried….

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