Top 5: Best Musical Score

5. Grandia
While an older series, Grandia always offered well-written, up-beat music that fit each character’s personality perfectly.  When Grandia II released for the SEGA Dreamcast, it even came with the soundtrack in the standard edition of the game – no special edition or pre-order required!

4. Gears of War
While this series has died off in more recent entries, the music was one of the most cinematic experiences throughout the earlier games.  Fully orchestrated, powerful and intense, the music in Gears did its job perfectly – getting players pumped up to try surviving the never-ending Locust hordes.

3. Metal Gear Solid
At this point, Metal Gear Solid is a staple in gamers’ libraries, and one would be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t recognize its core themes.  MGS also covered the creepy ambience between key story elements extremely well, leading to an overall experience like no other.

2. Halo
Up until Halo 4, the series had the same composer through all of its games – a key that many companies would benefit to learn from.  The music in the Halo series is arguably its strongest trait, with a gorgeous and haunting theme that was revised throughout each game to sound unique, yet recognizable, every time.

1. Shadow of the Colossus
Finally, we reach Shadow of the Colossus.  While an older title at this point (PS2-era), the game was revived with its prequel, ICO, in an HD compilation for the PlayStation 3 much more recently.  This game holds up better than most, and we consider the entire experience a masterpiece from beginning to end.  The music swells with the action of the game, and just as quickly falls back during victory or more-calm sequences.  It’s gorgeous, it’s mature, and it’s currently our #1 pick for Best Musical Score!

Links to specific tracks we recommend are coming soon!



  1. While they don’t quite match the magnificent sweeping tracks of these games, the most effective soundtracks I’ve found are in horror games, particular in the recent Outlast. Music plays a huge roll in games by providing character and personality, as well as shifting the mood of the player drastically. I find that Fallout 3 (I know I’m a fanboy) captures the themes of the game and all the varying emotions in it’s brass heavy, dark toned soundtrack. I would argue that if you extended this to 10 that FO3 should be on the list, I would even stretch to say it belongs on this top 5 list. That said, Shadow of the Colossus is definitely one of the best soundtracks of all time.

  2. Good insight, sir. This specific post was more of a test than anything when we were building the site; it very well may change as we get things in order. Honestly, only picking five for this category is nearly impossible – we may expand to 10 for certain items soon.

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