Outlast – Now on Xbox One!


One of our favorite titles from earlier this year was Outlast – a survival horror like no other game that we’ve played.  Unfortunately for Microsoft users, you had to either play the game on your PC or shell out the cash for a PS4.  Fortunately, your wait for Outlast is over – starting today, players can download Outlast (and its Whistleblower DLC) on the Xbox One store.

This game’s not for the faint of heart, but if you like terrifying games such as Fatal Frame or Condemned, then you owe it to yourself to go get Outlast today!

E3 Preview – Forza Horizon 2


One of the first games we had a chance to try at E3 was Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 2.  Fans of the Forza series, and specifically the first Forza Horizon, will feel right at home with the upcoming racer.  The final game is boasting 200+ cars, the Forza 5 graphics engine, the Drivatar system featured exclusively on Xbox One, and a European setting with a wider variety of locales than FH2’s predecessor.  Continue reading

Review – E3, 2014

Another year, another Electronic Entertainment Expo.  E3 2014 was earlier this week, and we had the opportunity to attend the country’s most popular gaming convention first-hand.  Below you’ll find our full “review” of this week’s events, including previews of the titles that we tried, a breakdown of the week’s best moments, and plenty of photos to go around.  We hope you enjoy the insight into E3 as much as we did in attending!

Continue reading